Whether lapping, polishing with loose grain and flat honing with fixed grain or diamond / CBN wheels, our FLM machines are real masters in all these processes.

If your focus is on cost effectiveness, flexibility and reliability for the production of medium to large work pieces, our FLM 750, 1000, 1250 and 1500 machine series are clear winners.

FLM 750 

FLM 1000 

FLM 1500 


FLM 1250L

Would you like to know more about our FLM machines? More detailed information can be found in our brochure "1-Wheel Lapping, Polishing and Flat Honing" and you can also watch diverse videos using the Youku channel.

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    Video Animation Lapping Machine 1- Wheel FLM

The focus is often on absolute precision, above-average quality and cost effectiveness for the production of small to medium work pieces.

Requirements which our FLM 500 and 550 series meet completely. 

FLM 500

Do you have any questions about 1-Wheel FLM machines?

Our Stähli team is pleased to answer your questions. Contact us via sales@stahlichina.com